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Longboards come in different price rage depending upon the brand that you go for but the most critical part is to check for the quality of board material, hooks, trucks and wheels and ensure they are of high quality standard and branded.

Longboarding is something which originated from the surfing. Around 1965 some surfers decided to take this sports on road and since then it matured so much so that we get to see so many variants of the longboard which people have continuously been customizing still.

Before you opt to buy the longboard it is necessary that you decide for what exactly you are planning to buy it. You must find a good list of longboard reviews and explore all the options. Longboards are coming in different shape and sizes with customized design also in offing.
Longer longboards which are also known as skateboard are used for commuting in certain part of the world, especially in US and Europe. These kinds of boards are made of teakwood and hence they are very expensive in the market because they are durable and water resistant.

T&M is the front runner company in making world class longboards in the market and they have established their names through hard work and quality delivery through last 15 years in the market and hence they are considered most trusted and dependable brand around the world.
T&M is known to use soft wheels ensuring proper symmetry to ensure that the surfer can stop the board easily and there is a proper foot placement. After T&M comes another very famous brand known by the name LONG B&M. They are prominent sellers in Asian countries and they have exceeded T&M in the revenue to profit margin in last 2 consecutive years.

Credit goes to the sales team and marketing department and the way they have scaled up in just last 4 years is also commendable and they subsequently opened 85 stores in 10 countries. The mandate seems to be in their favor and they are becoming the second largest seller in US after T&M eating on their roots which could be worrying for T&M investors and stakeholders.

Best value of the longboard is also judged through the wheel quality and the suspended hook connecting to the board. Most of the vendors are having rigid hooks which makes the surfing good but only during the initial momentum or sudden break they make problem and there is a constant fear of them snapping at the higher speed. to get good list of longboard reviews you can visit various review sites.

You can get some of the best value longboards here:

Upgrading a Condo

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I saw this blog post while reading about Condos in Singapore and the information here is great. The original blogpost is available here. If you want to know more about the grandeur park condo, then continue to read further.

Upgrading from a HDB to a condominium is a dream for many Singaporeans. Many Singaporeans start off purchasing a HDB as their first home, either through the resale market, or as a BTO project. However, after 5 years of minimum stay, they are eligible to sell their HDB and upgrade to a private property. In the previous blog post, we talk about getting a unit at Grandeur Park Residences for investment.

Investing in a private property like Grandeur Park Residences situated in a favorable location at Tanah Merah provides good rental yield. But that is given if you are looking for property investing opportunities. If you are looking for residential stay, like staying as your own home, that’s a great idea too! And if you are considering it, here’s the reason why the Grandeur Park condo is best for you.

1. Convenience due to close proximity to MRT

If you are looking to stay at the condo, the first thing you must know if the condo is near to MRT stations. That’s a given when you look for a property in Singapore. As Grandeur Park is located just beside Tanah Merah MRT, you can be assured walking home from the MRT just take a few minutes. You don’t want to get stuck in traffic after a long day of work. What’s more, Tanah Merah station is a highly connected station, with lines to central of Singapore, and lines to Expo and Changi Airport.

This convenience will give you much more freedom to travel around, even if you don’t drive! If you’re traveling to work in the central area, it is just 18 minutes. If you are going overseas, you will reach Changi Airport in less than 10 minutes! Not every condominium in Singapore can provide such convenience for its residents.

2. Convenience due to amenties 

What’s even better about being situated at Tanah Merah, is its close proximity to many amenities and places of interest! This is because Tanah Merah is a matured estate! Or rather, it is situated around matured estates like Bedok, Marine Parade, Simei and Tampines. You can find almost anything around your estate either by MRT in under 10 minutes, or driving around in under 5 minutes. You can even walk to these places!

Talking about eateries, you have Simpang Bedok, or Bedok Mall. Having a late night supper will never be an issue anymore. Talking about shopping? You have 3 huge shopping malls at Tampines. An quick MRT ride of 5 minutes will bring you there to shop all you want. Even if you want to go to the central area of Bugis/Raffles Place, you just need 18 minutes. That’s the huge advantage of staying in a matured estate.

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There are a lot of companies having a hard time trying to keep their company afloat during the recession period. Since people did not have a lot of money, people stopped purchasing the items that they want and of even the items that they need. They have no choice because they do not have enough money.

Bad economy is felt by everyone. Even those who are in the office and still have their jobs can feel it because some of their close friends have been removed from work. The company that employed them cannot afford to keep them all hired. The prices of different items have also changed. The things that people need may be higher than usual while some businesses are doing closing out sale hoping to at least make enough money with the last few items that they have.

When the economy is bad, the help of a company that can provide online seo company Singapore may be felt more. The marketing company will be in charge of promoting the brand so that people will feel the need to purchase the items that the company is selling. Without proper marketing, people will not even notice that there are some items that are being sold by a certain company.

Even with some problems with the economy, some people would like to be updated with the things that are happening, they would sometimes rely on social media to give them the news that they are searching for although of course, not everything that can be seen on social media should be considered true. Some are hoaxes created by people who are just bored. The items or services that you are selling should be able to reach a lot of people. They should yearn to purchase your items because they believe that these things can help them. Without this desire, people will not spend any money on what you are selling. You can learn more details about selling your product from here:

If you are a company who desperately wants to become noticed despite the bad economy, hire the right company that will be able to dominate demand via seo – search engine optimization. You will immediately know if the digital marketing company is effective based on the number of customers that they had and the reviews that their past customers have given them. Do enough research so that you can choose the right company to give you the help you deserve.

Trump’s Rise In Politics

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Yes, our blog is about economics and politics. In the world of politics, we can talk about many things the governments of the world has done. But there is one thing that we must not miss out, which is the case of the US Presidential Elections.

Guess who we are going to talk about this time?

Donald Trump! 


No prizes for guessing right, but Donald Trump is by far the person who hit headlines after headlines for the past 1 year! Ever since he announced as a candidate for POTUS, he has never given a rest to the journalists who started reporting him.

Every day, you will hear news about Donald Trump. Even anti-Trump news are also gaining traction and keep non-interested citizens awake at night!

And now it is 2016.

Many people thought Donald Trump is just a joke. He is just using the Presidential Election as a platform for more publicity, to boost his already huge-ego.. but guess what? He won the hearts of many citizens and tons and tons of people came out to vote for him! This is in spite of all the negative news that surround him, and even his own Republican party is not given their full support!

And now, he has won the Republican’s Nomination as the Presidential Candidate. At the end of the year, he will represent the party to go head to head with the candidate from the Democratic Party, likely to be ‘CrookedHillary’, as he always says it.

Will he eventually became the POTUS?

Will he shake up the world economy as the President of the country with the largest economy in the world?

We are not sure, but there are signs that some countries are concerned about his rise, like Mexico, which will have a wall built by Donald Trump at their border. Or like China, who Donald claims is stealing their jobs.

But who knows, maybe he is just the right person to turn US economy around, and Make America Great Again?

We will love to see how everything turns out! We would love to keep you updated!

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Before planning a budget it is necessary to know what budget means. Budget is a fixed amount of money which we can spend in a month or in a year. Budget depends on the financial situation of a person. Money management is not an inborn quality. It can be learnt over time. Wise use of spending the money always bring peace of mind.

A management of household budget is an excellent habit which may help us to save more and spend less or to spend in proper way where needed. Budget differs as individuals differ. But the goal of money management is the same as it clears the picture where to spend and what amount is left.

Simply with the help of a paper and pen we can manage the whole budget. Household expenses must be kept in different categories such as groceries, gas, utilities, insurance, car, petrol, school fees, electricity bills, home maintenance etc.

All are necessary items and none can be ignored. Another category may be included as holidays, entertainment or fun etc. which may depends on the financial condition of the budget which may cancelled or postponed for some time.

It makes easier to understand what, when, where, how and how much of the money will be spent. It is also necessary to make a column for the money which has been spent it will help in managing the budget.

Planning is very necessary to run the family smoothly. It is not only the plan to spend the money but also to save. We come to know about the spare money which may be secured for unexpected expenses, for emergencies and for long term goals.

Budget not only includes the regular salary but also additional income, if any. It is very difficult to cut down on spending. A successful budget must keep emergencies in mind and also the necessities of all the family members. Planning a budget allows savings without ignoring any expenses.

Budget reflects everyday expenses and income and there is balance between spending and earning. There are some important tips which help in managing the household budget:

  1. Calculation of total income
  2. Well organized expenses on paper
  3. Annual as well as monthly expenditure paln
  4. Expenditure must not exceed the income.

By keeping above important points in our mind we can plan a successful budget for our house and secure some savings also for the future expenses. It makes the whole family happy.