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Trump’s Rise In Politics

Author: remotely

Yes, our blog is about economics and politics. In the world of politics, we can talk about many things the governments of the world has done. But there is one thing that we must not miss out, which is the case of the US Presidential Elections.

Guess who we are going to talk about this time?

Donald Trump! 


No prizes for guessing right, but Donald Trump is by far the person who hit headlines after headlines for the past 1 year! Ever since he announced as a candidate for POTUS, he has never given a rest to the journalists who started reporting him.

Every day, you will hear news about Donald Trump. Even anti-Trump news are also gaining traction and keep non-interested citizens awake at night!

And now it is 2016.

Many people thought Donald Trump is just a joke. He is just using the Presidential Election as a platform for more publicity, to boost his already huge-ego.. but guess what? He won the hearts of many citizens and tons and tons of people came out to vote for him! This is in spite of all the negative news that surround him, and even his own Republican party is not given their full support!

And now, he has won the Republican’s Nomination as the Presidential Candidate. At the end of the year, he will represent the party to go head to head with the candidate from the Democratic Party, likely to be ‘CrookedHillary’, as he always says it.

Will he eventually became the POTUS?

Will he shake up the world economy as the President of the country with the largest economy in the world?

We are not sure, but there are signs that some countries are concerned about his rise, like Mexico, which will have a wall built by Donald Trump at their border. Or like China, who Donald claims is stealing their jobs.

But who knows, maybe he is just the right person to turn US economy around, and Make America Great Again?

We will love to see how everything turns out! We would love to keep you updated!

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