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Longboards come in different price rage depending upon the brand that you go for but the most critical part is to check for the quality of board material, hooks, trucks and wheels and ensure they are of high quality standard and branded.

Longboarding is something which originated from the surfing. Around 1965 some surfers decided to take this sports on road and since then it matured so much so that we get to see so many variants of the longboard which people have continuously been customizing still.

Before you opt to buy the longboard it is necessary that you decide for what exactly you are planning to buy it. You must find a good list of longboard reviews and explore all the options. Longboards are coming in different shape and sizes with customized design also in offing.
Longer longboards which are also known as skateboard are used for commuting in certain part of the world, especially in US and Europe. These kinds of boards are made of teakwood and hence they are very expensive in the market because they are durable and water resistant.

T&M is the front runner company in making world class longboards in the market and they have established their names through hard work and quality delivery through last 15 years in the market and hence they are considered most trusted and dependable brand around the world.
T&M is known to use soft wheels ensuring proper symmetry to ensure that the surfer can stop the board easily and there is a proper foot placement. After T&M comes another very famous brand known by the name LONG B&M. They are prominent sellers in Asian countries and they have exceeded T&M in the revenue to profit margin in last 2 consecutive years.

Credit goes to the sales team and marketing department and the way they have scaled up in just last 4 years is also commendable and they subsequently opened 85 stores in 10 countries. The mandate seems to be in their favor and they are becoming the second largest seller in US after T&M eating on their roots which could be worrying for T&M investors and stakeholders.

Best value of the longboard is also judged through the wheel quality and the suspended hook connecting to the board. Most of the vendors are having rigid hooks which makes the surfing good but only during the initial momentum or sudden break they make problem and there is a constant fear of them snapping at the higher speed. to get good list of longboard reviews you can visit various review sites.

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