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I saw this blog post while reading about Condos in Singapore and the information here is great. The original blogpost is available here. If you want to know more about the grandeur park condo, then continue to read further.

Upgrading from a HDB to a condominium is a dream for many Singaporeans. Many Singaporeans start off purchasing a HDB as their first home, either through the resale market, or as a BTO project. However, after 5 years of minimum stay, they are eligible to sell their HDB and upgrade to a private property. In the previous blog post, we talk about getting a unit at Grandeur Park Residences for investment.

Investing in a private property like Grandeur Park Residences situated in a favorable location at Tanah Merah provides good rental yield. But that is given if you are looking for property investing opportunities. If you are looking for residential stay, like staying as your own home, that’s a great idea too! And if you are considering it, here’s the reason why the Grandeur Park condo is best for you.

1. Convenience due to close proximity to MRT

If you are looking to stay at the condo, the first thing you must know if the condo is near to MRT stations. That’s a given when you look for a property¬†in Singapore. As Grandeur Park is located just beside Tanah Merah MRT, you can be assured walking home from the MRT just take a few minutes. You don’t want to get stuck in traffic after a long day of work. What’s more, Tanah Merah station is a highly connected station, with lines to central of Singapore, and lines to Expo and Changi Airport.

This convenience will give you much more freedom to travel around, even if you don’t drive! If you’re traveling to work in the central area, it is just 18 minutes. If you are going overseas, you will reach Changi Airport in less than 10 minutes! Not every condominium in Singapore can provide such convenience for its residents.

2. Convenience due to amenties 

What’s even better about being situated at Tanah Merah, is its close proximity to many amenities and places of interest! This is because Tanah Merah is a matured estate! Or rather, it is situated around matured estates like Bedok, Marine Parade, Simei and Tampines. You can find almost anything around your estate either by MRT in under 10 minutes, or driving around in under 5 minutes. You can even walk to these places!

Talking about eateries, you have Simpang Bedok, or Bedok Mall. Having a late night supper will never be an issue anymore. Talking about shopping? You have 3 huge shopping malls at Tampines. An quick MRT ride of 5 minutes will bring you there to shop all you want. Even if you want to go to the central area of Bugis/Raffles Place, you just need 18 minutes. That’s the huge advantage of staying in a matured estate.

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