About Us

My name is Bharta khale and from Malaysia. I have done my PHD in socio political science from Malaysian University.  I am currently associated with Economics Engineering Institute as a visiting faculty giving lectures on specific topics in this regard.


I am also affiliated with other nonprofit organizations and provide them consultancy on various issues related to this stream. My objective is, and has always been, to guide the new generation about the economic trends that we are witnessing at the moment and how it impacts us at the individual level.


It is also important to understand how this economic progression is related with the political clout and how they together helps or destroy nation and its citizen.


As long as the conversation revolves around the economic factors and related topics everything goes smooth and people partake with great vigor but as soon as we include political angle here and talk about few references people get agitated because there is high visibility in the current scenario and no one wants to listen anything against the political party they inadvertently support, if not directly related.


This led me to create a space where I can freely express my views without anyone objecting about it and causing ruckus. I am not against the objection, or say it healthy debate but it should not get violent and the other party should not feel afraid or pressurized to not being able to express further.


The website is intended to provide open platform about their views on current political scenario and get into healthy debate about related topic with the objective to clearly understand each other and at the same time respect each other’s feeling too.


The site also allows the subscriber to post their blog and articles here and start the thread and dialogue. We are going to start the collaborative chat application for the viewers to start group chat to have live debate and positive sessions.